Where is Broken Crow located?

In Lexington, Kentucky… and proud of it!


What does Broken Crow do?

We help develop and produce the artist’s work from start to finish. An artist can bring a full song or just an idea, and Kevin Elliot and his team will help in designing the right path for that song. From there, pre-production, tracking, retracking, editing, mixing and mastering are all part of the package to get the song to its finished state as the best art possible.


Why should I hire Broken Crow?

We simply do more. We have talented musicians, producers, and engineers that can help guide your song on the right path. With decades of experience in the music industry, Kevin Elliot is able to provide guidance for artists that is unlike any other. The combination of great gear and great people allow Broken Crow to stand out in the music scene.


Who designed the studio?

Kevin Elliot and Danny Bailey of Redbrick Recording Studio used the top music studio designers from across the country to help build the world-class studio known as Broken Crow. With multiple mic booths, a drum room, mixing area, B-room and storage spaces, Broken Crow was built with music in mind. Almost all of the rooms are free floating, meaning they do not touch the actual structure of the building, allowing for the best possible acoustics and recording environment.


Can I come and tour the studio?

Let’s set up a time to talk, and we can schedule an appointment for a tour.


Who will I be working with at the studio?

Kevin Elliot (Producer and Owner) oversees all projects that come out of the studio and manages producing and engineering. Luke Groene (Studio Organizer) will do the programming and scheduling to make sure your project is executed smoothly.


What will we do in Lexington when we’re not in the studio?

Lexington, KY is a vibrant, thriving college town. From world class hotels and restaurants, to bourbon tours and horse races and concert venues, we can help design a package that offers you a true Kentucky proud, bluegrass experience.


Do you charge extra if the project takes longer than expected?

We will work with you from the very beginning to design a realistic project timeline, and contingency plans.


What does it cost to work with Broken Crow?

There is no one-size-fits-all rate. Each project is unique, and budgets are developed at the very beginning of the process to ensure artists are not paying for services they do not need. click here to fill out our contact form which has some questions to get you started.


When do I pay?

We charge 1/3 of the total cost prior to beginning the songwriting process, 1/3 after tracking, and 1/3 upon the delivery of the mastered tracks.


What type of artist does Broken Crow work with?

We work with a wide range of music genres, but most of our recent work has been with country, indie, alternative, and rock. Our main emphasis is working with high quality artists and bands, no matter the genre.


I am a musician with a day job. Can Broken Crow work around my schedule?

We are flexible with scheduling to help the artist find time to get a stellar recording.


If I do not have any new music, can I still come to Broken Crow?

Yes. Although we prefer to have a good starting point, we can help from the first strum in pre-production to the last note on stage.


Do I need to hire studio musicians when coming into the studio?

No. Due to our close proximity to Nashville and the number of quality musicians in Kentucky, we are able to provide the best musicians for your project at affordable, reasonable rates.


Do you do mastering?

Not typically. Our main focus is on the songwriting, recording and mixing process.


Do you do beats at the studio?

Not usually. We emphasize live instruments first and foremost by using our extensive mic collection and gear. We will add a bit of MIDI-style instruments through our vibrant soundpacks if it adds value to the song.


What happens after the final product is complete?

We maintain strong connections with our artists — we’ve been able to help some get radio time, sync licensing deals, and provide coordinate additional opportunities to get their music heard.


Can I work, or intern, at Broken Crow?

We recommend going through “Recording Connection” or your university to learn more about the referral and application process. You can also submit your credentials via the questionnaire on our website.


Can Broken Crow do sound for advertisements, jingles and voiceovers?

Yes, we’ve worked with many business owners and advertising agencies. We have done radio spots for over 20 radio stations and worked with other media companies to record sound for various advertisements and videos. We have a team of songwriters, musicians and engineers to help you create a product that delivers results for your brand or business. Please submit the website questionnaire with information about your project, agency, business and budget if you would like us to develop an estimate.