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We Are Broken Crow Studios

.BCS Producer Kevin Elliot

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Broken Crow Studios is a state-of-the-art recording studio and production company based in Lexington, KY. Built by producer Kevin Elliot and meant to be a musical mecca for the region’s largely untapped talent pool, Broken Crow combines the best of vintage analogue and cutting edge digital recording gear with a groundbreaking acoustically engineered studio design with completely with free-floating rooms.

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Broken Crow Music



We believe that a studio should be more than the space and gear. Our engineering and management team combines decades of experience with a wide variety of styles and we take great pride in providing our clients with the highest level of service from the https://thepaperwriting.com/ irst pre-production meeting through production and media replication. In order to maximize the time our clients actually spend in the studio we always offer project consultation to streamline setup, often well before the musicians even arrive. We can accommodate any music production request but the most common production services are:


Premium Equipment

We have the best equipment currently available to match recording industry standards.

Industry Experience

Los Angeles and Nashville proven producer/engineer Kevin Elliot is at the helm creating and capturing musical ideas in a creative and professional environment.

Versatile Composing

The team at Broken Crow Studios has produced countless projects for film, TV, radio, advertising and corporate industrials.

Sound Design

News and Updates

Brother Eustace debut album is a wrap!

Dividing Lines, the debut album from Lexington, KY based Brother Eustace, is a wrap! Recorded here at Broken Crow Studios and produced by Kevin Elliot, the debut EP from the AC rock group is ready to hit the shelves of the world’s digital marketplaces. It will be available for purchase and or streaming in all…

Jarrod Stratton album out now!

Modern outlaw country artist, Jarrod Stratton, has completed and released his debut album, “Wrong Side of the Tracks”. Recorded here at Broken Crow Studios and produced by Kevin Elliot, the album takes the listener on a journey through Stratton’s humble beginnings in his native Kentucky valley and touches upon lost love, letting loose, faded memories…

Lissy Taylor and Bedford & Co. albums are wrapped!

Lissy Taylor and Bedford & Co. albums are WRAPPED! We’ve been very busy here at Broken Crow Studios! Our favorite 17 year old English future superstar has finally released her debut album, “Reminds Me of You”, produced by Kevin Elliot and recorded here at BCS! It is now available for purchase and streaming on iTunes,…

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